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Projects are generally unique, transient in nature and undertaken to achieve planned objectives which can be defined in terms of benefits, outputs or outcomes. Projects are by their very nature risky and like many things, can fail if they are not afforded the appropriate resources and management.


Requisite I.T. have significant experience in successfully delivering business change through projects and programmes.  A selection of the project services we offer is listed below.

Project Management

The Requisite I.T. team hold qualifications in a number of project delivery methodologies (e.g. PRINCE2, Scrum) and have successfully delivered projects of all sizes (budgets from a few thousand pounds to multi-million pound) across a host of different industries including financial services, utilities, manufacturing, education and charities.


In previous projects we have managed everything from business and people change to IT infrastructure implementation and upgrades, mergers and acquisitions and building renovation.


Requisite IT have the resources and experience to combine proven delivery methodologies and best practice to give you assured delivery whatever the scale and scope of the project.

Project Review & Audit

Project audits can sometimes be seen as negative, however there are actually many benefits.  A project review or audit can:


  • Confirm that a project is on track to deliver to quality, cost and time constraints.
  • Identify potential problems before they become significant and costly.
  • Measure the effectiveness of the project and suggest areas for improvement.
  • Validate that the project is operating to organisational standards.


Requisite I.T. are ideally placed as an independent, unbiased partner to undertake project reviews and audits in a supportive and collaborative way.

Project Recovery

There are many reasons why a project might fail and when things go wrong it is normally the project manager who is tasked with taking remedial action to recover the project and get it back on track.


However, sometimes the project manager needs additional support or, in some cases, needs replacing.


Recovery actions typically follow a project audit or review once the underlying problems have been identified and remedial actions proposed. Requisite I.T. are ideally placed to help on all fronts.

Project Support & Planning

Project Managers are normally experienced, highly qualified individuals and as such their time can be relatively costly. There are however, many aspects of project management which don't need the full suite of specialist project management skills. That presents an opportunity to make more effective use of the available resources.


A Requisite I.T. project administrator is able to work with project managers to take on administrative activities, freeing them up to manage the project.  Our project administrators normally hold qualifications (e.g. PRINCE2 Practitioner) and pride themselves on their flexibility and ability to take on whatever project activities are needed e.g. risk and issue management, arranging workshops, project plan updates minute taking and project comms.


Similarly, project planning can be a complex activity however having a robust plan is fundamental to a project's success.  Requisite I.T. are able to provide specialist project planners who are experienced in planning a wider range of projects and then managing those plans throughout the project lifecycle.  Our project planners have undergone training in industry standard tools like Microsoft Project.


If you have a project that would benefit from an experienced Project Manager or Project Support, or if you want to review project, or need a project recovering, contact us now to discuss your requirements.

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