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Information Technology (IT) has become a vital and integral part of every business and most households.  However, technology is constantly changing and must be correctly maintained in order to maximise the benefits from it.  Below are some of the IT Services that Requisite I.T. offers.

Wired & Wireless Networks

If your business has more than one computer, the likelihood is that you will gain significant benefit from a network. And if that network has been custom designed by specialists in this field to meet your requirements, suit your space, and fit your budget, those benefits are strengthened and increased.


Frequently requested networking services that Requisite I.T. are able to offer include:


  • Network design, upgrade, implementation and support.
  • Site-to-site connectvity and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).
  • Network surveys and security testing.
  • Remote Working solutions.

Servers & Workstations

Your IT infrastructure may include servers, desktops, laptops, peripheral devices or business applications and by making the most effective use of these components you can maximise your competitive advantage.


Requisite I.T. can provide a host of server and workstation services including:


  • Infrastructure 'health checks'.
  • Design, install and configure your server and workstation infrastructure to increase productivity by giving your users the tools they require when they require them.
  • Standard desktop design and workstation rollouts.


'Security' is often thought of as a 'nice-to-have' or an unnecessary distraction from day to day business, but it is in actual fact a critical consideration in ensuring the future existence of your business.


To understand the importance of security consider these questions: What if all of our data was lost?  How would this impact my business?”


At Requisite I.T. we work with our customers in a host of security-related areas which, when combined, ensure we all sleep easy including:


  • Virus scanning, prevention and removal.
  • Data and system backup.
  • Disaster recovery design, provision and testing.
  • System security audits.

Other IT Services

In addition to providing server, desktop, network and security services, Requisite I.T. can offer a number of other services so our customers benefit from having a single supplier of IT services:


  • IT Support - tailored for each customer, Requisite I.T. are able to offer remote and on-site support on a 'Pay as you go' or monthly contract basis.
  • Domain name provision, e.g.
  • Managed E-mail.
  • Cloud / internet-based file sharing and remote desktop.


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